High Exposure Individuals

High Exposure individuals include:

  • Entertainers

  • Athletes

  • Celebrities

  • Politicians

  • Executives


The talents of these High profile people have brought great rewards but unfortunately also make them a target. Cyber criminals have had much success hacking large companies with departments of security analyst so hacking an individual without the proper level of security is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Leaked emails of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton arguably cost her the 2016 USPresidential election.

How are you Exposed?

Media outlets, journalist, and extortionist have all used hacking techniques to access private computers and internet connected devices of high exposure individuals. Examples include:


  • Undetected malware being installed on private laptops used to take control of web cameras and microphones to record the activities of the unsuspecting public figure


  • Hackers have compromised home Wi-Fi networks, allowing them to view all the high exposure individual’s internet traffic and gain access to their access personal computers


  • Photos, videos, address books and emails have been stolen from personal computers and internet connected devices and sold on the Internet black market


  • Cyber criminals using malware to gain access to family financial information stored in spreadsheets on personal computers


  • Hackers have acquired access to on-line banking systems by stealing login credentials through malware, keystroke logging, and website impersonation.

The leaking of personal emails led to the unceremonious firing of Sony Co-Chairman Amy Pascal.

What is at Risk?

Political Careers have been ruined, Athlete draft statuses have been jeopardized, and celebrity endorsement opportunities have dried up due to private emails, photos, and videos being leaked to the media. The Waterproof staff recognizes that the reputation and marketability is one of the HEI’s greatest assests that needs to be vigorously protected at all cost.

Negative comments revealed in a 2017 email hack of Soccer Star David Beckham led to a $1 million extortion attempt and major PR hit. 

Leaked nude photos have destroyed the once promising political career of former United States Representative Anthony Weiner. 


The exposure of High level executives pose an even greater set of problems.  These examples include:


  • The installation of Malware on Executive personal computers have led to the theft of company proprietary intellectual property.


  • Exploitation of vulnerabilities on an executives web browser have led to the theft of sensitive customer pricing information


  • Spear Phishing techniques have resulted in the capture of password login credentials to executive personal email.


  • Theft of sensitive username and password credentials through a spear phishing campaign targeted at an executive’s personal email address

Notable Athlete Victims

This video of Miami Dolphin tackle Laremy Tunsil was 

leaked on his Twitter account hours before the 2016 NFL Draft. The PR damage caused the projectedNo. 1 overall pick to drop 12 spots costing him over 

$10 Million.

A 2016 sex tape led to a $2.5 Million extortion attempt on Denver Bronco Von Miller. The All-Pro Defensive 

End was forced to pay five figures in legal fess to 

protect his endorsements by keeping the tape out of 

the public eye.

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